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Top 5 common self-discipline habits of Successful People.

You have seen or may have heard of the self-discipline guidance from a lot of successful people around. Everyone in this universe has only 24 hours either to become successful or to be in a silent social cage.

Your success depends on your actions, dedication, time management and self-discipline. Self-discipline is must in order to have a very powerful and successful life.

The one factor which is common to nearly all successful people is self-discipline. So here comes the big question: What are those habits and how can we develop them in our lives?

Therefore, in today’s article we will share with you some self-discipline habits of highly successful people. Please read the article all the way till the end because I will also share my journey and the one habit that has brought me a little bit of success.

So let’s get started straight away with the top five common self-discipline habits of successful people right here.

Positive Attitude

The first habit is a positive attitude. Let’s start with an example of Walt Disney the founder of the biggest animation company of all time. Walt Disney created one of his early cartoons named Oswald the lucky rabbit. He was present in a business meeting in New York when he got to know that the rights of his popular character were sold to another distributor, even his animators were hired by that distributor and he was left with nothing to his name before returning home. Walt sent a telegram to his brother and business partner Roy. Don’t worry, everything is okay. We’ll give details when I arrive instead of diving deep into negativity and dismay.

Disney felt the need to create a brand new cartoon character. He picked up his sketchbook and started from scratch what Walt Disney drew that day was the first draft of Mickey Mouse. Disney made use of his habitual optimism at the lowest point in his career and turned it into a magical comeback.

It is because of his life-long positive attitude the world received the biggest cartoon character of all time. You might have noticed that nearly all successful people are similarly optimistic in nature and they hardly complain about the uncontrollable factors in their lives and they focus only on what they can control.

And the truth is that the only things we can control are our own effort and attitude. So keep doing the good stuff with a smile.

Stay Fit

Fitness is the core habit. Many Olympic Gold Medalists are an example of how discipline in fitness and training takes you to success. If you follow any of the athlete who won the Gold Medal, you would get to know that they never miss their training schedule and showed up every single day in their own words.

They are so passionate to show up for training that it ultimately became a habit for them. Research has shown that students who exercise daily tend to have better cognitive abilities. It means that you will get an improved concentration and memory power. There’ll be more energy in your bodies, more blood to your brain and also more happy hormones.

You can start your fitness journey by taking small steps that can include maybe a half an hour running session, skipping or even playing a sport like football or any other sport.

Remember that your fitness journey will not only benefit you but also inspire those around you. And before we move to the next step. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful read Top 5 common self-discipline habits of Successful People.

Start writing down

The third habit of successful people is writing. Do you know that Albert Einstein wrote about 80 000 personal notes in his lifetime?  We bet a laptop would have saved him a lot of paper, jokes aside. The biggest genius of the century had a habit of writing down things. Everything in those notes was not about science or mathematics or physics.

On the contrary Albert Einstein wrote whatever he felt at that moment even if it was a random thought that made him excited about something. He made sure to write it down, writing helps you focus. Writing daily reflections or maintaining an ideal journal is both therapeutic and creative.

I have spoken about my habit of writing five things every morning in my journal and following them in the right direction. Right here imagine, writing is to be this mediational tool that straightens out the wound up convoluted wiring in the brain and makes things appear very simple.

Martin Luther said, “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write”.

Challenge the Comfort Zone

The fourth habit of successful people is challenging their comfort zone. Here is where I will share my own little story. I was into the Medical and Healthcare field with a great multinational company. I was  heading their corporate operation team in a Metro City. But I had a calling towards Health and Fitness. Therefore,  I walked one day to the gym and offered to train people on the weekends.

I just wanted to check out if it’s going to work for me. At the start it was very difficult. I had a bit of experience in training people and also very little time to prepare for my training sessions. So I had left my full-time job.

It seemed daunting but I persisted later on, I later on started  enjoying it. I in fact left my previous job and started full time training sessions in some of the big fitness centres. And also helped many people to establish their fitness goals.

But meanwhile I started realising that I was not able to reach out to students and a wide range of areas in the remotest part of the world, who could not afford to be in these expensive fitness centres fees and they were the ones, you are the ones that actually needed all the guidance.

That’s when someone suggested that I spread knowledge and help people via starting this blog. So from a Job to becoming a blogger, at the start it was hard.

I had never written any articles and I had no idea about writing blogs and articles either. At first it all seemed like an impossible situation but here I am, I learned everything from scratch. I did study the first and researched a lot of health related information, read a lot of books all by myself.

Before getting a team in, I learned that true success comes when you learn new things. When You work hard against all odds, when you consistently persist with an idea and all of learning happens outside our comfort zone. You can only grow if you’re willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable. When you try something new.

Learning new skills

And finally at number five is the habit of successful people is to learn and implement new skills and ideas every single day.Somewhat like listening to podcasts or audiobooks. The most consumed content form by successful individuals is audio.

The top CEOs around the world or best selling authors like JK Rowling. This is a habit which is common between these personalities. And many more people like them. A good part of their day is always set aside to listen to their favourite podcast or to complete their audio books. Audio is one of the most convenient forms of content. You can listen to a podcast or an audiobook while running, gyming cleaning or while doing several activities.

Which is also why you can shape it easily into a daily habit. There are a lot of genres of podcasts and audiobooks out there.But for young adults self-help and educational ones are an instant hit to get you started.

Here are some of the most popular podcasts and audiobooks among highly successful people: The Tony Robbins podcast on purpose with J Shetty the art of self-discipline. The obstacle is the way by Ryan Holiday, The power of habit by Charles Duhigg.

That was all for today. We hope that these habits really help you in becoming a successful person and bring you closer to your goals.

Here is a quick recap of all the five habits that we discussed, One a positive attitude Two fitness and training,  Three writing something every day, Four stepping outside our comfort zone and five listening to motivational audiobooks and podcasts.

We hope this article Top 5 common self-discipline habits of Successful People will help you to become very successful and happy. If you liked the article, please leave a comment so that we can keep posting more valuable content here.

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