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Is Failure as Important as Success ? Failure is The Key to Success.


Everybody wants to succeed in life, but nobody wants to fail, but why? Why are people afraid of failure? Nowadays, people think that they have to take a great leap like a tiger to reach the highest position. According to him, it is very easy to live a successful life. They see other people’s success and they feel jealous. They just look at the front of a person’s life, but they don’t know how much he has struggled to succeed. How often do you face failure in life? Did they stop their fight? Did they fall prey to the inferiority complex?


Today, I write this article only with the purpose of not being afraid of my own failures to spread awareness among the people. Failures are the main points of your life. Without failures, you cannot have a successful life. It is the golden law of nature that you have to fight for the things you want in your life. Your success is a creation of your determination, difficulties, and struggle. Failure is key to Success. To do this, you must stay positive and be patient at different stages of your life.

Positive Attitude-

Your positive attitude and determination towards destiny are very important because if you face any failure, you must take it positively and increase your determination with the courage that you can do better in the next attempt. You have to think why am I a failure? Have I missed any instructions? What are the reasons for my failure? When you analyze your failure in this pattern, you get better directions for the next try. To stay consistent in your goal, you get success.


Just take the example of the lion, its power of continuity and determination towards its prey is so high because he knows that he only has one chance to catch his prey. This does not mean that he catches the prey every time. Never! Sometimes he fails, but he learns from his mistakes and tries again until he gets success.


BE Calm & Hopeful-

Life is not just a name for complete leisure and enjoyment. Life is full of difficulties to test your patience towards your goals. Fluctuations are part of a person’s life, but this does not mean that the person loses hope. You just need to deal with these difficulties with courage and all you have to do is trust your Creator. All those who have faced difficulties are successful in their lives. But these difficulties could not distract him from his goal.


Can you imagine the difficulties of a poor person? He has to work with a very low salary package to support his family. The poor man does not want to rest for his life, but his most important duty is to provide comfort to his family. He will have to put up with the harsh behavior of his employer as there is no other source of income. However, he does not lose hope and faces all these difficulties keeping his family in front of his eyes. One thing to remember; Your failures are the steps to your success. 


Be Consistent-

Just stomp like a little kid who can’t run right away. At first, he tries to crawl and then he tries to stand up. As he tries to stand up, he sometimes is unsuccessful, but cannot stop his efforts. If the little one can’t give up, why do you give up? Conflict means that you are crazy about your dreams, goals, and achievements. At any time, if he loses his fight, he will fall below the position that he has reached. Here is a main point; There is no need to fight for the things that other people want, always fight for the things that you want because your area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest is very important.

Failure Makes Strong Characters-

If you look at the events that led to a big win, you will often find failure as the biggest motivator. Since the Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon over a period of millions of years, success can also come from a small part and is part of any winning strategy. On the other hand, waiting for something to happen for years is not effective when you can work right now.

So, what do you need to constantly test yourself and learn from failed attempts? Character


Success comes in leaps and bounds for those who are ready for it. Rightly day in and day out, determination, purpose and most of all, this subtle but very important feature is known as character. Failure is a better character builder than any fleeting affirmation or goal. While each success will inspire you for a small amount, failure will make your career – and your personality – nothing else. It is the difference between a natural lake built in thousands of years and an artificial lake in a year.

In the end, I just want to say that failures cannot prevent you from achieving your goals. All failures are lessons for you. If you don’t learn from your failures, then it’s your fault. I repeat, failures are just motivation. Don’t recognize what other people narrate about you. Just focus on your life and its goal.


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