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Hair Loss | How To Stop Hormonal Hair Loss.

Hair loss (hair loss or androgenetic alopecia) can be caused by a number of things, including genetics, certain diseases, medical treatments, stress or poor nutrition. Hair loss is usually temporary and often grows back in the same way it was before. However, there are some types of hair loss that can last for years and never grow back.

As we get older, our hair follicles are less able to produce the necessary hormones for maintaining a healthy head of hair. But there are some lifestyle changes you can make that will help limit your hair loss – or even reverse it!

So we are here to inspire you all to live a deeply beautiful way so in today’s article, we’re going to be talking all about how to stop hormonal hair loss naturally and regrow your hair.

Hair Loss: Normally happens due to hormonal imbalance, the lifestyle and the food that we are consuming leads us to our hormonal imbalance and due to which we get lot of issues, like skin allergy and early hair loss or fall.

Now this is article, we’re going to be talking about how you can actually balance those hormones in a natural way.  And the first place that we’re going to start with is going to be no surprise to you guys it is diet.

Now diet has such a huge impact on our hormones on our gut health and our gut microbiome, because the foods that we’re eating these days are so highly processed they’ve stripped a lot of the nutrients away. Not only that but we’re so used to consuming a lot of very inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, soy.

These things can really throw our gut microbiome off and when your gut microbiome is off you can develop things like leaky gut as well as other digestive issues that can really impact your body’s health and your body’s hormonal balance. it can be considered as hair loss treatment.

So you really want to start off by removing processed foods from your diet that will make such a huge impact in your gut health, not only that but you also want to take a look at removing the key inflammatory foods which are gluten dairy soy sugar corn and peanuts.

In our other articles, we have talked a lot about the autoimmune paleo diet. But you don’t necessarily have to go that strict even just removing highly processed foods and removing these key inflammatory foods, will make a significant difference in your gut’s microbiome.

The next thing we’re going to talk about is clean personal care products now. This is something that we’ve gotten into recently, so than before and it’s because it really like personal care products can really make a huge impact in your gut health and in the inflammation going on inside of your body.

So personal care products are basically anything, that we’re putting on ourselves like soaps or cosmetics fragrances or anything. we’re touching to clean our house so dish soap laundry detergent anything like that that is going to touch our body. So the reasoning is because your skin is your body’s largest organ.

When you put these products on yourself or you’re touching these products or it’s on your clothes and it’s touching you. Your body will absorb it through your pores and it will go directly into your bloodstream.

And then a lot of these chemicals that are inside these products, can really impact your health throw off. Your hormonal balance and also negatively affect your gut microbiome. So you really want to start being very careful about what you’re using in your personal care products.

To switch over to a cleaner stuff and just because it says clean on the label do not just take that at face value. You really have to do your own research there are lot of guides available over the internet. Where you can research a chemical or a brand product it will show you what score it has.

So you want to aim for something that is either a one or a two or verified. You want to stay away from ones, that are three and above.

We know it can get really expensive to do this, so you don’t have to just necessarily go jump out and do it all at once. You can do it just one by one, so that’s what you are supposed to be doing. As soon as you finish the old things, you can switch them out for cleaner ones.

Now, the next thing we’re going to talk about is walking. So walking can have a huge impact on our health. Because the idea is when you walk you’re starting to move the lymph around in your body, so clearing that lymph and getting that moving really helps to restore your gut microbiome and balance out your hormones.

So even if you just start off with like a 10 minute walk a day just getting out in nature. Or wherever you can walk just moving your body will really help to calm your hormonal imbalance down, and then if you can incorporate some resistance training it really has the capability of further enhancing the positive effects of stress management.

Now let’s talk about stress management. It can make a huge impact on your gut health and on your hormonal balance. So you should walk and exercise as well as meditate. Meditation is the key when it comes to stress management. The main goal that you want to do when you’re starting off with meditation is to just develop a consistent practice.

So, that can be just even three minutes and a day just making sure that you’re hitting that three-minute goal every single day. And then slowly increasing it from there you don’t necessarily have to go and do an hour-long meditation every day. When you take such a huge goal like that and you make it kind of like unrealistic to stick to, you’re not going to be able to sustain that so you want to start really small really realistic.

There are tons of apps out there on the internet that will help you to guide to achieve your goals. Meditation can really boost endorphins, and endorphins can really have a positive effect on your gut microbiome.

 As we talk a lot about the gut microbiome because hormonal imbalance can really stem from your gut microbiome, so it is really imperative to make sure that your digestion is working optimally.  So that your hormones can get balanced.

The next thing we’re going to talk about is water intake. Getting a lot of water in is super important. Especially when you’re starting to incorporate a more clean lifestyle you want. You need to really have enough water intake so that you are able to flush out all of the negative things that are floating around in your body any toxins all that kind of stuff.

It also helps to promote really good digestion and to get your digestive system moving if you have a little bit of a slower digestive system. So getting enough water and that’s more than just the standard eight glasses of water a day you want to aim from between 10 to 12 glasses of water per day and when you’re consuming water you definitely want to be able to keep track of this.

And the best way to make sure that you’re getting enough water in, is to make sure that you’re keeping track of your water intake for better results. By following this you will definitely start seeing the good results in your hair loss.

Another way of avoiding hair loss, you people might have heard of this. This is basically your body’s natural clock that goes along with the sun. So when you are exposed to sunlight. Or it’s just even if you’re not like under direct sun. But it’s like, it’s light outside your body takes that as a guide to be awake and to be alert. And all that kind of stuff to get things going for the day and then, at the night time when the sun sets off and it starts to get dark it’s your body’s cue to unwind and start to get yourself ready for bed and to get ready for sleep.

After the sunset we’re usually sit and watch TV. We’re on our phones we’re getting a lot of blue light exposure which is something that we would naturally get during the day. So one way to actually help with that is to get blue light blocking glasses. And blue light blocking glasses do exactly what they say they block the blue light so you’re getting more of the restful light, that you need at the end of the night.

So we suggest the blue light blocking glasses for when you’re watching TV.  And stuff like your phone and tablets, a lot of phones these days come with the capability of changing the light to a more warm display at a certain time.  So We suggest to go into your settings and to adjust that, so that it starts to go a little bit warm around when the sun has set.

So you’re not getting the blue light that’s emitted from your cell phone. But for our televisions, a lot of our televisions don’t have that capability.  Yet some are starting to do that, which is pretty cool. But for the ones that don’t blue light blocking glasses will be your best friend with blocking the blue light that is coming off of your TV.

So now these last two are super helpful. When it comes to balancing your hormones, so you can regrow your hair. And this one kind of ties in with the last one we were talking about, and that is making sleep a huge priority.

So sleep can really restore our bodies and apparently the sleep that you get before midnight is like the most important sleep that you’re going to get.  According to the experts, deep sleep is very important. Because, while deep sleep your body’s really starting to restore itself.

So make sure that you’re going to bed at least a couple hours before midnight and giving yourself like nine to 10 hours of sleep every night. It will ensure that you go through enough sleep cycles so that you have an optimal amount of deep sleep to restore your body and to rebalance your hormones.

And the last one we’re going to talk about is yoga and acupuncture. So any sort of movement that helps with your energy flow in your body is going to help with balancing your hormones as well. So we definitely recommend, if you can do some yoga or some tai chi an acupuncture can really help to remove blockages and to re store the natural energy pathways in your body.

So that’s the something, which is going to give you better results in hair loss and by the time, it will help you to re grow your hair.

We hope you like this article, please comment below to motivate us to provide you these kind of valuable contents.

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