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7 Best Ways to Stay Motivated | How to Get Self Motivated.

Everyone knows that Self-Motivation is the key! Sometimes when you start feeling, stuck, not focused or uninspired you’re probably looking for ways to stay motivated.

When you feel your motivation is at the lower side, there are the things you can follow to convert your disappointment into energy and motivation.

Majority of the people find themselves get stuck in the ‘getting ready’ process. In reality many of us have never got started.

So, how can you expect every day with a clear intention to get closer and to achieving your goals and a happy and motivated life?

What strategies you can use to increase self-motivation and bring more energy and joy into your lives?

So you have done your motivational mojo, good for you. Perhaps the words of a motivational speaker encouraged you, or you received a dose of truth from a friend or family member. As the quote says “Motivation exists, but it finds you at work”, half the effort equals half the result. Let’s turn those inspiring efforts into full-time rewards with these 7 tips. Following these 7 best ways to stay motivated you can help yourself to stay more motivated.

1.Remember the Pain Areas.

In business parlance, pain points are problems that arise when a proposed solution is not adopted. Try to be aware of all the things that can or will happen if you don’t stay the course. For example, if you’ve ever been prompted to run three times a week, think about what happens if you don’t give your heart the exercise it needs.

 2. Don’t play jump with Goals.

Persuasive feelings can sometimes fall into the category of next-level exploration. Instead of jumping from one goal to another, be sure to finish what you started before pushing yourself to something else. For example, if you really love the language and have set a goal to learn French, before you go to learn German, then learn Italian or whatever.

3. Know yourself.

When you try to reach goals that others have set for you, your motivation may decrease. Take a look at your goals and make sure they are what you have for yourself… not goals that others want you to achieve. If not, you can put them aside and reevaluate where you are going.

4. Visualize yourself.

Visualizing the end result of your goal can go a long way in maintaining your motivation to be successful and has some surprising side effects. The positive energy you create around these images will affect you on a subconscious level, while the mental affirmation that you can achieve it will do a lot for your confidence, as well as help you stay on track.

5. Be organized.

If you want to stay self- motivated, you have to put a little effort to keep the motivation alive otherwise it will flow into a flood of emotions in life that will inevitably occupy everyone, like happiness, sadness or anger, inspiration. feeling until you make it come true. Put your goals on a calendar and create an action plan

6. Let things get out of your control.

When it comes to self-motivation, it can be easy to give up because things don’t go according to plan. Learn to let go of the things that are out of your control, or else they will dampen your motivation to succeed.

 7. Celebrate Every Success.

Instead of focusing on your perfect ideal, you must think about what you’ve achieved from that specific starting point. Let’s assume If your goal is to lose 20lbs in the next 6 months and you’ve already lost 5 lbs. in the very recent 2 months, now you have got two choices.

1.   Either You better focus on the fact that you’re still 15lbs away from your goal.

2.   Or just focus on the fact that you have lost 5lbs since when you’ve started.

We are sure that the second option will allow you to celebrate the success and will increase your motivation to refocus your mind to lose more weight while the first option may focus your mind on how far away you are still from your desired goals.

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