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5 Mistakes That Make New Habits Fail.


Mistakes That Make New Habits Fail.

Everyone in this universe has some habits. These could be good or bad too. No problems, when you have the good habits to pursue, problems are when then, you have some bad habits you want to get rid of. To leave off the habits though it’s very difficult yet not impossible.


Today, we will have a light on the mistakes that make us fail to leave bad habits or we should avoid off. This is the universal truth that Habits are the keys. Your habits determine how much money you have in your bank account and your waist size. Your habits define the quality of your life. It can seem impossible to break bad habits or create new, positive habits. Most people’s approach is ineffective. They try to make the turkey cold and rely on their will power to force the necessary changes. You already know that it only works if you are incredibly motivated and the motivation is incredible. It’s here only for one day and gone the next. 

Build new habits more effectively by avoiding the most common mistakes: 


1. Don’t Change too quickly. 

A new habit is best established in small steps. If you want to spend two hours a day writing your novel, start with just one sentence each day. One sentence achieves something exciting: it gets you used to sitting down and writing when it comes time to write. This is the first and most important step to take.

Start with small changes. Then increase the amount of time and effort when getting used to starting. Look for behavior changes that are easy enough that you can’t fail.


2. Rely on self-discipline.

If your habit requires self-discipline, it will not last. Greater self-discipline should be needed only to inculcate the habit of getting started. Habits are automatic. Eating a candy bar or watching TV doesn’t require the self-discipline for most of us. If you are used to going to the gym, it does not even require self-discipline. Self-discipline is a short-term solution. Look for behavior changes that are easy enough that you don’t need self-discipline.


3. Expect a new habit to be easy to establish.

Change is not easy. If you expect a new habit to be easy to implement, you will become complacent and lazy. If creating new habits was such an easy matter, we would all be rich, fit, and speaking five languages.


4. Expect a new habit to be difficult to develop.

The reverse is also true. If you expect the process to be extraordinarily difficult, you will struggle too. The thought of doing something difficult can be reason enough to never start. New behaviors are easier to implement if you start slowly and have patience. It is progressing slowly and it is difficult to be patient.

5. Too much reliance on information.

Our society is blessed or cursed to have access to vast amounts of information. This can create two challenges:

It’s all too easy to believe that you don’t know enough to make the first move. There’s always something out there that you don’t know. Knowing everything before you start can get you stuck. There is no cost to know the most. However, there is great success in doing the most.
Believing that knowledge alone is sufficient is equally harmful. You may know how to do push-ups, but it doesn’t work like doing 100s every day. The special forces motto is that 60% is enough to take action. If you know 60% of the relevant information, you have enough information to proceed. You can uncover the remaining 40% along the way. Spend 90% of your time doing practices and 10% learning.

Leaving your negative habits and adding new helpful habits is the key to changing your situation. Unfortunately, our propensity for change is misplaced. Small changes are easy to implement and operate. However, this approach requires a lot of patience and the belief that it can work.

Small changes big results. Avoid the most common mistakes when trying to add a new habit to your life and you will be more successful by adding habits that have a positive impact on your life.
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