5 Best Signs You’re Meant for Each Other

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Love doesn’t come easily. It is a struggle to achieve it, maintain it and overcome it. It is true when they say that nothing is easy in this life. You have to be willing to work hard for what you want and work even harder to protect it.

Sometimes you meet someone who just touches your heart like they belong there. The two connect instantly, you feel comfortable with them as if you’ve known them all your life and you no longer have to pretend to be someone else.

Have you ever wondered how compatible you and your crush are? Or maybe you’re already dating your crush and are on the lookout for signs that you are both meant for each other. 

There are actually quite a few signs that you could be a good match. Even some strange signs too. Here are five best signs you are meant for each other. 

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You enjoy silence together

Do you often like silence or do you avoid it at all costs? Some silences can be awkward, but somehow you could sit in silence with your partner for plenty of time. You’re not upset with each other, not bored, you just don’t mind the silence, because sometimes their presence is enough. How sweet. This actually can show you’re naturally comfortable around your partner, where you can be together without feeling like you need to do something to entertain each other. You’re just enjoying the silence together. 

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You have similar shopping habits

Are you a saver? Are you a shopaholic? Author and relationship expert, April Masini, told “Bustle” that if you’re both bargain hunters you’re more likely to be compatible than if one of you is a spender and the other is a saver, she explains. Makes sense since a fair amount of couples argue about finances in relationships. She continues saying that when you have similar shopping habits you’re less likely to fight over money and more likely to have an easier time together in a relationship. So do you and your partner like to save money or are you often spending?

You have a lot of mutual friends online

Do you follow your crush on social media? Take a quick look at your mutual friends. Do you have any? A lot? This is a good sign. It could mean you share similar interests as well as similar friends. Kali Rogers, a life coach, explained to “Bustle” that, “If you share a lot of the same network, chances are you share similar tastes and values, considering you hang out with a lot of the same people.” Hmm, this could also mean you could ask one of your mutual friends to put in a good word for you, be your wingman. Who knows, maybe your mutual friend will invite you and your crush out to the same party.

You’re starting to find even their annoying quirks cute 

Does your partner or crush have some quirks and imperfections that you’ve noticed? Are they annoying to others, but suddenly not to you? Do you love these little things about them? When people really start to like someone or fall in love with them, many will start finding some of their small imperfections attractive. Healthy partners don’t expect perfection from each other. No one is perfect. But if you’ve been seeing them for a while and suddenly find their small quirks are attractive or sweet, it could be that you’re really compatible because even their small imperfections are perfect to you.

Your relationship is still strong and yet feels excitingly new 

Do you still often feel excited and giddy around your partner? You’ve been dating for a while and although you’re comfortable with each other now there’s still this strong excitement every now and then. Are you and your partner continuing to grow and try new things? Do you often feel a burst of excitement similar to that feeling at the start of your relationship? This isn’t expected every time you are together but ask yourself this.

Do you still feel like you can continue to grow and learn new things together? Do you still feel excited about them, and how can you keep growing together? These are great signs that you are a good match for each other. The question is, do you see these signs in your partner or is it your crush you’re wondering about? Do you wanna ask them out and find out if you really are meant for each other? Feel free to let us know in the comments down below. We hope you enjoyed this article, and if you did, don’t forget to share it with a friend.

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